Legal High in Cambridge meeting report

There were 6 of ‘us’ at this brief but interesting conference in Cambridge on Legal Highs organised by Mentor The focus was very much on interventions and research on young people (< 18 years) using NPS (Novel Psychoactive Substances) Interesting presentations were delivered by :

Rick Bradley (twitter: @rickbrad1ey) from KCA Works in the Kent area

Claire Wells from Mentor talked about survey of young people attitude and knowledge.


Jolene Watson from SolveIt reported work (25 years)  with volatile substnce users

Suzanne Hare from NHS Peterborough  talked about the local services delivered with CASUS

Charlotte Gordon founder of KIP  talked about her interventions in schools.

Slides should be circulated and I will add a link when available.


About stefanocasalotti

Senior lecturer at University of East London Research area: molecular neuroscience: mechanisms of addiction General interest: a greener and more peaceful world
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  1. Who was “us” that attended? or is it a secret?!

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