Our Offer

What we offer

In a tightening financial climate and a time of major public sector reforms, promoting good practice in policy making is fundamental to the delivery of quality outcomes for drug users, their families and our communities. More than ever, policy makers need the latest information on research if policy decisions are to be based upon the best available evidence.

We offer expertise and assist in policy decisions or in gathering evidence of impact in the following ways, by:

  • measuring the impact of diversity, poverty, education and language in East London’s unique context with respect to substance use and misuse.
  • evaluating cost effectiveness of services and interventions for impact of drug use and misuse on health and cognitive functioning in users and families, and exploring pathways into and exits from addictive drug use .
  • employing our ethnographic methods to understand the users’ world and put this into context with policies.
  • researching the mechanism of action of psychoactive substances, both legal and illegal.
  • fostering and leading on collaborative partnerships with stakeholder providers and users.
  • educating and training current and future service providers, practitioners and researchers to create a diverse workforce capable of tackling substance use and misuse in holistic approach.

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